How much facebook Time is too Much?

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It’s safe to say that social media has entered most of our lives and has becomes a large form of communication. There can be too much social media time, though, including time spent on Facebook. So, how much Facebook time is too much? It’s too much time when it starts affecting the rest of your life.

Facebook is great for catching up with friends, posting updates and checking in with your favorite retailers and organizations. However, there is a point where the social media channel becomes too much. When you start to constantly refresh your wall, just to Continue Reading »

The Social Advantages of Using facebook

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Facebook is a site that has an amazing capacity to bring people closer together. It allows individuals to check in on dozens or even hundreds of friends daily when in years past, they might have lost touch with most of those people years ago or at least contacted them rarely. It also allows for a deeper sense of intimacy between people because you can get to know them from the inside out, becoming aware of their interests and quirks in a Continue Reading »

Filtering facebook Groups for Statuses and Invitations

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Facebook has made many advancements in the past few years and, as a result, has experienced an explosion of popularity across the world. However, some Facebook users are still a little unsure about the mechanics of certain activities on the website, including the filtering of groups for statuses and invitations to events. If you are one of these people, stick around and read our guide on how to group your Facebook friends together and filter certain activities.

No Facebook user wants to wake up to a scolding Continue Reading »

Using Social Media to Expand Business

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The internet is where a lot of businesses go to reach out to customers. Makes a lot of sense when you really stop to think about it. People just aren’t spending as much time sitting in front of the television as they are in front of the computer screen or on the move with their smartphones. That’s why businesses are using social media to reach out.

Most big businesses you can think of are using some form of social media to reach customers. SyFy has a Twitter account, Toyota has a Facebook page and even internet service providers like have joined in the fun.

One of the perks of using social media to advertise is that businesses are given the opportunity to discuss what they’re all about to millions of users all over the internet. And it doesn’t cost nearly as much as going to an advertising agency and creating a television commercial. In fact, in most cases, it’s free to use social media for advertising purposes.

And while the television commercial may never entirely be phased out by the internet revolution, more and more businesses are going to continue to flock to the internet and social media when it comes to marketing.

Should Parents Supervise Their Children’s facebook Communications?

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Social media sites were a great invention for adults to keep up with friends they no longer could be close to because of distance. Over time it seems that these sites have turned into all young children. When children are on sites like this they should be monitored by their parents at all times.

One reason parent should monitor their child’s social media site is because of some of the advertisement put on there. Most sites have to have advertisements on them to stay Continue Reading »

The Difference between Twitter and facebook

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Twitter and Facebook are two of the biggest social marketing platforms out there, but they are both very different beasts. All you have to do is take a look at how they work to see it.

Facebook is a big site with a variety of different applications involved. For instance, you have your wall where friends can post, share links, pictures and thoughts. You have an instant chat messenger, games, birthday applications, event planning and email just to name a few. In fact, if you’re not careful, your Facebook page can take on Continue Reading »

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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Twitter has become a force to be reckoned with in popular culture. People of all ages and all walks of life enjoy tweeting as a form of social media. However some controversy exists over whether or not tweeting is a healthy form of communication. Tweeting allows people the ability to instantly tweet their thoughts on a worldwide platform. Although this may seem like a harmless outlet tweeting can be a breeding ground for cyber bullying and other dangerous interactions. In Continue Reading »

The Unexpected Friendships Formed on facebook

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Social media is bigger than ever before. People now a days use it for more than catching up with people they knew when they were kids or family that may be out of state. Now it is not just for catching up with old friends, businesses are even getting in on the social media seen. Businesses have starting to use social media as a new way to advertise their items. Plus now if you like your work Continue Reading »

Adolescents and Social Media and Literacy

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Social Media has been getting more and more popular in the world today. People of all ages have been using these types of pages for years now, and have no intention of quitting. There have been many different views however about adolescents and social media. Some people believe that because social media is so popular that allowing your adolescents to have limited access to social media will and can help them in such things as literacy and social interaction. Literacy has Continue Reading »

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