Should Parents Supervise Their Children’s Facebook Communications?

communicationSocial media sites were a great invention for adults to keep up with friends they no longer could be close to because of distance. Over time it seems that these sites have turned into all young children. When children are on sites like this they should be monitored by their parents at all times.

One reason parent should monitor their child’s social media site is because of some of the advertisement put on there. Most sites have to have advertisements on them to stay running.. These advertisements can be very inappropriate and also spam up your computer. If you are aware of what you child is doing then you shouldn’t have this problem. Another reason you should monitor them is because of the dangers of older individuals trying to lure children in. There have been many cases where adults try to act like children to lure them over to their residence. Nobody wants to have to be put in a situation like this when it comes to their children.

As you can see there are many reasons that monitoring your child’s social media site is a must. So next time you are on the computer pull up the history and check out what your child has been doing!