The Social Advantages of Using facebook

imagesFacebook is a site that has an amazing capacity to bring people closer together. It allows individuals to check in on dozens or even hundreds of friends daily when in years past, they might have lost touch with most of those people years ago or at least contacted them rarely. It also allows for a deeper sense of intimacy between people because you can get to know them from the inside out, becoming aware of their interests.

Now a days, Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms and there are numerous advantages associated with it. Facebook users are consume a lot of advantage using it.
Social media:
Facebook become is the most powerful social media and networking site at this moment. With in a short time it become very popular . User can easily connect with his, friends, colleague, family members and others people. They can share wall updates, private message, poke or text, and video chat anytime any where.

Video chatting:
Facebook implemented Facebook video chat feature in partnership with Skype, and now you can make video calls to your friends using the Facebook inbuilt video chat app.

Source of information & news:
Many people use the greatest social networking site as a source of information & news because Bloggers and Internet marketers can subscribe to popular blog Fan pages and keep themselves up with latest updates.

Marketing & business:
There are now over 900 million users use Facebook so you can increase your brand value and social media presence for your business by using Facebook apps .This app are also use for business advertising and promotion. By using this seller get huge people to known his product & marketing policy and get other benefit such as marketing strategy is very low cost, sharing information relating to the business, communicate with existing and prospective clients, Providing customer support easily via Facebook, Awareness raised with the help of Facebook.

This social media also used for finding a date. College students and youngsters are using Facebook for dating and to make new friends. They spend a lot of time by chatting, sharing massage, photo, video and build up their relationship.

Personal portfolio:
Facebook give an opportunity to expose himself to his friend and other peoples by creating a portfolio. People recognize you and you can be popular to them.